getting lost will help you find yourself.


In an effort to keep up with my goal of trying new restaurants around town, I met one of my designated eating buddies at the Hyde Park Italian restaurant, ASTI, for some much needed comfort food.

I’d been dying to try this local trattoria for quite some time, and was pleasantly satisfied when we walked into the cozy eatery. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, blah blah blah, but I have to admit, I do attribute most of my affinity for establishments to their atmosphere and aesthetic.

But since it is a restaurant, after all, and one typically goes to a restaurant to eat, I guess I should mention the food. My capellini neopolitano with ASTI sausage was delish, and I thoroughly enjoyed my glass of Inzolia - but let’s be honest, when is the wine not one of my favorite parts of the meal? And although the food did come a bit quickly (that always makes me wonder), it definitely hit the spot.

While the food and ambiance of ASTI were great, I think I like their sister restaurant, FINO, just a tad better - great place to enjoy a summer evening with a glass of pinot (see, again with the wine).

Nevertheless, I don’t think I’d mind visiting ASTI for a second time - perhaps to try their poached bosc pear with gingersnap crumble. Hungry yet?

things i need to remember

One of my New Year’s resolutions last year was to shape up at work - i.e. not to be afraid of making mistakes/get stuck ‘cause I don’t know the answer; don’t let the perfect be an enemy of the good; keep moving forward; etc.

And while I remembered and put these things into practice, for the most part - yay! - it’s always good to be reminded of motivating words of advice. Especially when it comes to work, ‘cause you never know what surprises may be thrown your way.

photo compliments of Barkaw via wit + delight.

this week’s tasty treat

Ok, so I haven’t even gotten to last week’s tasty treat, but here’s my goal for this week (er, next weekend?).

Baked oatmeal with blackberries and ginger! Mmmmm…

Looks delish, pretty healthy, and fairly simple, so game on!

Maybe I’ll treat the fam to a brunch at my place featuring this?

photo and recipe compliments of babble via two tarts.

next hair cut.

via wit + delight

next hair cut.

via wit + delight

reliving. #afw2011

this week’s tasty treat

I’m definitely trying this recipe out this week! Grapes, bread and ricotta - what’s not to love?

I hope to document my new year’s resolution of trying at least one new recipe every week - figured it’s probably a pretty good way to keep myself accountable and achieving goals - right?

recipe and photo compliments of alexandra’s kitchen.

alice + olivia pre-fall 2011

Ahh, another season, another abundance of collections to consider (ok, so Pre-Fall started quite some time ago, and we’re already anticipating the February shows, but I think we can all look past that small tidbit and pretend to be astounded as I get my blogging back on track – glad you’re with me).

So, on to the season. First up, Alice + Olivia (surprise, surprise). Despite its bubble gum sensibility and girly-girl aura, I am drawn to this line over and over again. And Stacey Bendet rarely disappoints me – present collection included. This season, the designer transported us to a Parisien café, complete with rose petals strewn across a marble floor, color coordinated knick-knacks perched atop a pedestal table and even an extraneously placed umbrella (‘cause it totally makes sense to be prepared for rain when it’s bright enough outside for over-sized sunglasses). Oh, but the clothes – covetable. Not only are Bendet’s Pre-Fall looks playful and feminine, they embody just enough edge for those girls who aren’t afraid to make quite the sartorial statement.


And while this collection was supposedly “a return to the pants,” according to, leg-baring skirts and dresses took center stage, per usual. From a sexy red pencil skirt paired with matching cinched jacket, to the more downtown-appropriate metallic mini coupled with knee-high boots and fur-trimmed cardigan, there is no question that Bendet’s strong suit is – and I think always will be – her ode to girly girls (though not the overtly dainty ones, mind you). Although, I wouldn’t mind having those daisy-print wide-legs in my closet come September.

Other strong looks from the collection include the leather shorts matched with mustard-trimmed blazer, the burnt orange button-down dress, and the utterly jaw-dropping, perfectly ethereal strapless cream and silver gown that rounded out the lineup. All in all, an expectedly well-executed collection with plenty of go-to pieces to hold us over ‘til fall.

photos compliments of Alice + Olivia via

feed your mind

i saw this the other day (week) in austin, and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

what does it mean to feed your mind?

perhaps it means to find your passion…to do what you love…to live and not look back.

perhaps it means all of these things. i think it’s a pretty good idea to live by this rule, even if you don’t know exactly what it means.

i’m still trying to figure it out…

inspiring, indeed.

holstee via a cup of jo